Two Days, One Great Mashup

Mashups are intriguing because you can create new stories from data that is accessible yet completely independent — multiple datasets merging in a way that was not expected,” said Ryan McKeel, Digital Assets Applications Developer at the National Renewable Energy … Continued

U.S. Government Dataset Search Opens to Scientists

To help scientists easily find relevant government data for their research, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s (RPI) Tetherless World Research Constellation (TWC) team and Elsevier’s SciVerse websites collaborated to make access to easier for the world’s research scientists. Developed by the renowned RPI TWC, which explores and develops Semantic technologies to make the Web more natural to use, the new search tool, called U.S. Government Dataset Search, will live on Elsevier’s SciVerse websites. SciVerse provides the global scientific research community with searchable access to the world’s largest source of peer-reviewed scientific content. Continued

Adams Release on

Since the launch of, your help and ideas have made it possible to make two updates to the site. We’re naming these biweekly releases after the presidents so the one that launched this week is the Adams Release. is a … Continued